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The The Next District Meeting Will Be At The Turlock Post 5059, 1405 E. Linwood Ave. Turlock, Ca 95380 Meeting Starts At 10:00 a.m. Lunch To Follow Meeting.


The membership of the VFW is made up of men and women who have served their country honorably in overseas engagements for which a campaign badge or medal has been authorized by the U.S. Government. No others may join. Eligibility cannot be purchased with money, power or influence. Membership is a coveted honor. There are no honorary memberships.


Patriotic sentiments are given expression through action programs aimed at stimulating love of country and more meaningful appreciation of our national heritage. Community betterment is the keystone of the total VFW structure. Working for the good of all citizens, VFW members use this method for putting into action the precepts of the Golden Rule. The hand of comradeship is outstretched to members, no matter in what part of the country they may be, by Posts which are always ready to assist their comrades and families in times of distress. The Service to disabled and needy veterans and their dependents is rendered by the VFW on a nationwide scale by its Veterans Service. Each year this expanding service gains millions of dollars in benefits for veterans by pressing their claims before the Veterans Administration. VFW believes veterans are something special - that the fact they were selected by their country and committed to fight to death if necessary has put them in a special class. Only the best physically, mentally and morally of the nation's citizens are selected for this commitment. It is only natural that members of this elite group with a common bond of experience forged in sacrifice and danger should band together in an organization that provides them comradeship, a voice for their aspirations and a tool for their chosen under takings .


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